Doggy Day Care

Doggy Daycare Hours:

Monday – Friday: 6:30am – 7pm; full or half day

Saturday: 8am – 6pm; Saturday doggy daycare runs full day June through August.  Outside of those months, 1/2 day doggy daycare is available from 8am – noon.

Sunday: 8am – noon; half day only

What is Doggy Daycare?

Doggy daycare is to your dog what summer camp is to kids! The dogs play with each other in a supervised, high security, indoor/outdoor play yard. Your pup will be assessed for temperament and play style to be sure he/she is a part of the perfect group. The dogs are monitored at all times by our qualified and fun-loving staff. In the event of inclement weather, we play in the indoor play area. In any situation, your pup will have a fun filled, safe and healthy day, and will come home a tired pup at the end of the day!

What else should I know?

Pittsburgh Paws Pet Resort uses turf and pea stone in its outdoor play area.  Pea stones are small, round stones without sharp or rough edges.  Pea stone is an excellent surface for dog play areas because it is a forgiving surface that is easier on dogs’ joints than concrete.  Pea stone also allows urine to sink through to the ground below while fecal matter sits on top of it, where it is easily seen and promptly picked up. This allows us to keep the outdoor areas free of waste so dogs are not running and stepping in it while playing.

The vast majority of dogs have no issues running and playing on pea stone.  Some dogs, especially those who have not built up tough paw pads due to lack of exposure to surfaces outside of their home or grass, may experience irritation.  While walking and running, pea gravel can rub in between paw pads, causing redness and irritation.  Some dogs may lick their paws to relieve the irritation or may favor an exceptionally sore paw by limping.  If your pup has sensitive paws, please make the staff aware, and we will apply a paw balm onto your pup’s paws at no additional charge!

Doggy Daycare only requires reservations on your pup’s first day! After that, no reservations needed – –   Just drop your pooch off at your convenience!

If your pup needs to eat during the day, please bring their food in an airtight container and let us know what time you’d like them fed!

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